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Welcome to my blog: I was an early adopter of email – in the late 1980’s with AT&T mail/Bulletin Board System(BBS) ahead of the www as we know it today; then an early adopter of home working back in those slow dial-in site connection times, with 2400 bps modems, in 1992!  But with the arrival of my new status as a mother of twins and trying to juggle too many balls I missed the early opportunity to branch out into blogging.  Twin Forum support groups, yes, but I fell into the laggard category when it came to blogging.  Nevertheless, it’s never too late, so here I go.

Sandra ArthurWith a diverse background ranging from marketing, food and wine, and telecommunications, and with hobbies that include singing/music/video creation, photography, travelling to writing stories and campaigner – I felt it was time to share ideas with the world.

I’m passionate about events – whether they are in the business realm – from high tech in the telecom or mobile markets to social entertainment: music, and theatre.

This blog sets out to be a “fly on the wall” reporter at leading global communication and media events.   I plan to provide feedback from events including reports, soundbites, gossip and video coverage.  There are of course, more than sufficient journals and reporters out in the market covering these activities BUT I hope to offer a different viewpoint – an unbiased observational platform that will offer other “bloggers” the chance to contribute, debate and disseminate.

Today there is an increased use of technology in how we learn, enjoy and participate at events.  This has been spurred by ubiquitous mobile connectivity and social web 2.0 (Facebook, MySpace, You Tube etc) capabilities.

Now attendees can share feedback in almost real time and these comments can be searched out and found by interested readers.  So let’s get started!

Welcome to my blog :

My Global Event Reports – Improving lives through technology

Sandra Arthur

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3 responses

30 09 2010
Jonny Rosch

Hi Sandra,
This is Jonny Rosch from the Blues Brothers Band. I apologize if this isn’t the correct forum for this note but someone sent me your blog about our recent show in Cannes. I wanted to thank you for such nice comments about the band’s performance. You were also quite kind to me personally with your remarks and I’m grateful for that as well. It does make one feel good to know that folks enjoyed what we were putting out. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did performing it. Fantastic crowd. Again. I thank you for taking the time to share what you felt with others and I hope we get to cross paths in the future. All the best.
Yours in rock and roll,
jonny rosch

30 09 2010

Dear Jonny
Thanks for your message and certainly via my blog is fine! My husband and his university buddies at Queens University, Kingston, Canada played in a sort of tribute Blues Brothers band – called Swollen Members!! – and so love your music, as their own band play ever 5 years since graduation!! The drummer and guitarist happened to be in Cannes and so on behalf of their band members wanted to pay homage and see the Original!!! They were not disappointed and loved the energy, music and fun. Wishing you a continued successful tour.

23 02 2014

Although the site hasn’t been updated in a long time and the updates are sporadic, there are a few things here that will make anyone laugh. Many people’s Blogger blog had been mistakenly marked as spam blogs by Blogger in its quest to filter out all spam blogs.

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