Free music on the streets of France

18 06 2009
JAM'S Band, France.

JAM'S Band, France.

Displaying their talent, Colle sur Loup, Fete de La Musique

Displaying their talent, Colle sur Loup, Fete de La Musique

If you find yourself in France over the weekend, note it is the Fete de la Musique – Musical Festival – where you will find free music on the streets.

On Sunday, 21 June, anyone with or without talent(!) can play music and not get arrested.

Every wannabe musician is dusting off their instruments, reviewing their play-lists and hounding friends, neighbours and colleagues to mark their calendars and support them. Once again technology is playing its’ role and sites such as Facebook are driving the publicity machine to alert friends on planned concerts. Planned attendance can be monitored by bands and adjustments to their publicity can be made at a flick of a button. Likewise, Google maps is playing its’ role. Helping attendees check out outdoor locations and assessing which restaurant terraces will offer the optimum viewing site of the stage.

Hard hit restaurant owners have double reason to celebrate. The government has offered a VAT reduction to 5.5% (from 19.5%) – valid from July 1, 2009 – Jan 1 2010 IF the owners agree to a 11.8% reduction in menu prices. It’s not such a bad deal, as only 7 key menu keys need be applied to the reduction.

The change sadly will not fall in time for this weekends’ fete, but owners are hoping the good weather and the offer of free music will drive hungry crowds to their empty terraces.


A quick plug for my husband, Richard Arthur – his band, Jam’s, will be doing their best in the quaint village of Colle sur loup – check details here: