Supporting Orangutan Charities via book sales

5 08 2012

Supporting Orangutan charities

My family travelled to East Malayisa (Sabah), one the third largest islands in the world, Borneo back in 2010.  We are all orangutan crazy, and were keen to see these amazing primates, in their habitat, before it was too late.

We took a cruise along the Sungai Kinabatangan river – the longest river in Sabah. We were rewarded by being able to see crocodiles, various snakes, many proboscis monkeys, long tailed and pig tailed macaques, wild pigs, and a wide range of birds including hornbill, storks, snake birds and eagles. We marvelled at the colourful butterflies that fluttered around but sadly no orang utans were spotted in the tree tops. Certainly elusive and difficult to observe in the wild, but becoming a rare treat as they systemically lose their habitat each year.  We therefore headed to a special Orangutan Centre called Sepilok, to learn more about their important work.  As my sons had adopted two of the Sepilok babies: Michelle and Ceria we had an added incentive to visit.

You might be surprised to learn that the second most popular tourist spot in Malaysia is the Sepilok Rehabiliation Centre For Orangutans – and yet few European (and no north Americans) are seen wandering around the centre.   I did note that people from Australia/Korea/Japan and other asian locations, formed the majority of visitors.   The plight of the orangutans is thankfully becoming known around the world, due in part to a wonderful BBC series called Orangutan Diaries and work led by many UK charities.

Still a relatively poor country (Sabah) tourism is slowly taking off and some wonderful 5 star hotels can be found on the west coast of KK and luxury eco cabins are being built, to attract the more discerning eco traveller.

I wrote the following blog report in 2011, that covers my experience of visiting the Orangutans at Sepilok.   The information is still valid and makes interesting reading if you wish to learn more about this unique land and primate.

In my small way, I am trying to help the plight of the orangutans (facing lose of habitat etc) by raising funds for charity via sales of my books.  I currently have the following books available on

Early Learning Reader:-

Short stories/Illustrated books for 4-9 years
-Orang Utan to the Rescue
-Crocodile Attack (due September 2012)

Jungle adventure for Boys and Eco-Warriors
-Cpl Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue