New kids book with environmental message to save Borneo’s animals

9 10 2009

New illustrated children’s story about an RAF “radio man” working in the jungle of Borneo that features

– Environmental facts and figures for the island of Borneo

-Information on endangered orang utans and “how to help” links

-Offer of a free pdf document for placement on your website.

This document is aimed at children and educators.Orang Utan

With all the current debate on environment / climate changes in the media,  I’ve been spending time researching the huge number of challenges we face.  I was talking to my 6 year old twin sons about the plight of the animals facing extinction risk in Borneo, and they responded by saying, “Mummy, we have to do something”. If children this young believe this is important, then I hope you will consider how you can make a difference. As I am sure you will agree, everyone can make a contribution to help the issues our world is facing today. It doesn’t matter how small that effort might be, what’s important is that we take action today.

My action over the past two years has been to write a light-hearted kid’s story, that is based in Borneo. I hope that when kids read this short novel it will ignite their interest to learn more about this unique island. Not only are regions like Borneo impacting global climate change but their people, animals and plants are battling with a multitude of issues, not least extinction.

My request is simple. Can you please arrange to place this document on your website, perhaps under a “kids section”. Or feature it on your blog. Or pass on to your kid’s teachers. The document has been written and is aimed at children aged 7 years and above and their parents/teachers. I’m currently sharing this information with a number of interested parties and the wider we can secure distribution the more chance of awareness and action. I’m also working with local schools to encourage them to use this document to spearhead “adopt an organ utan” programs in their schools. In addition, I have written a couple of short stories “Radio Ron’s Postcards from Borneo” aimed at the under 7 years age group. These stories will be added on YouTube with music and audio to assist young children to read. Again, this series can also be made available to you for placement on your website.  The document is being translated into other languages (in progress: Italian, French, Danish) – would be delighted to receive offers of free translation into other languages.RAF Helicopter

The issues facing the island of Borneo are real. Unless we can lobby governments to change deforestation policy, outlaw hunting/selling of animals and prosecute their buyers, persuade businesses to reduce the palm oil farms and stop the logging/burning that occurs the future of all the rare beautiful animals and plants on the island of Borneo will be bleak.

If you care about these problems, please consider to help spread the word and use my free material to assist in this important promotional work.

I thank you, and the orang utans and their island will thank you!




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