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22 02 2009

Consultant, writer, singer, campaigner, mother and wife

I’m passionate about events – whether they are in the business realm – from high tech in the telecom or mobile markets to social entertainment: music, theatre or sporting events. I equally have a strong interest in our environment, in particular, saving our rainforests. And finally children who develop a love of reading at an early age get a head start with language skills which are invaluable for their future. In that respect, my early learning books are hoping to address that challenge.

sandraarthurThis blog sets out to be a “fly on the wall” reporter at leading global communication and media events.  Over the coming months, I plan to provide feedback from key events including reports, soundbites, gossip and video coverage.  There are of course, more than sufficient journals and reporters out in the market covering these activities BUT I hope to offer a different viewpoint – an unbiased observational platform that will offer other “bloggers” the chance to contribute, debate and disseminate.

Today there is an increase use of technology in how we learn, enjoy and participate at events.  This has been spurred by ubiquitous mobile connectivity and social web 2.0 (Facebook, MySpace, You Tube etc) capabilities.

Now attendees can share feedback in almost real time and these comments can be searched out and found by interested readers.  So let’s get started!




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